The ProAct Solution

By joining ProAct’s Accredited Health Network, you can establish a Sleep Care Business in your practice and immediately pursue the existing potential within your own patient base….without dependence on physician referrals.

  • 20-30% of your adult patients have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea);
  • ˃70% should be initially treated by you with OAT; and
  • Considering the 50% who will not tolerate CPAP, 85% should ultimately be treated by you.

ProAct brings a next generation disease management platform to this fragmented environment, managing the full continuum of OSA care while delivering a high value proposition to patients, medical providers, and payors.

ProAct delivers a “full continuum” of care for OSA using the cloud-based iSync® System that creates a virtual delivery infrastructure linking all providers delivering OSA services.

The iSync® System maximizes interdisciplinary communication, protocol driven care, and outcomes orientation.  By linking ProAct’s Testing and Diagnosis Division, DME Division, and Provider Health Network Division with providers interested in a total solution for their OSA patients. The system enables any Dentist, PCP, ENT, Bariatric Physician, Cardiologist, or any other specialist to manage 100% of their OSA patients through the total continuum of care: screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing patient management.


iSync® System Layout View

Before we begin let’s review the layout of the system.

  1. Top Tool Bar- located at the top of the screen, the user can access this area at any time.
    1. Search Bar- Used to search for a patient in the entire system.
    2. Add Patient- Used to add a patient without having to navigate to another screen.
    3. User Dropdown Menu- User can change their password, lock the screen and log out of the system.
  2. Main Tabs- these tabs are always in sight to navigate to different sections of the system.
    1. Home Dashboard- Updated continuously so that the user can view the office status.
    2. Users- The office manager can add and or edit users from iSync®.
    3. Settings- Shows the setting for the office and the office location.
    4. Patients- Access and manage all patients.
    5. Schedule- Access to all test, eScript and visits scheduled once the data is migrated from the PMS.
    6. Test Results- All test results will be posted here with notifications of new test results. Note: Test results can also be found in the patient’s profile.
  3. Left Pane- Patients basic information is displayed along with patient’s details, and generators for superbill, economic analysis and eScripts. The pay button allows for payment collection.
  4. Pill Tabs- these tabs belong to the specific patient’s profile.
    1. Demographics- Displays the patient’s basic demographics.
    2. Insurance- Allows for input of patient’s primary and secondary medical insurance information.
    3. Defaults- Allows for input of patients claim default and statement defaults.
    4. Assessment- Access to questionnaire and assessment processes.
    5. Diagnosis- Ordering of the patients HST and diagnosis information.
    6. Therapy- Scripting and ordering of patient’s therapy.
    7. Follow-up- Patients therapy management.
  5. Main Pane- this section will be where most of your work will be completed.

iSync® User Account

Before you begin

Your practice administrator will need to have already established an iSync® user account for you.  To have and iSync® user account you have to have an email account where you individually receive email.

Signing into iSync®

To sign into the iSync® System:

  1. Open a browser window on your computer.
  2. In the website address (URL) text box enter the address to the iSync® System:
  3. Once the page loads you will be prompted to enter your credentials for the system.  Enter the Username and Password you were given via email from (please check your spam mail before contacting ProAct for further assistants.)
  • Click the” Login” button to complete the sign in process.
  1. Once the sign in process has completed you will be at the iSync® home page for your practice.



To create a user navigate to the USERs main tab:

  • Click on the add button to create the new user.


  1. Complete the mandatory fields. A temporary password will be sent to the email address provided.
  • Click Save.


The user can confirm the practice setting using the settings main tab. If any changes are needed please contact your account manager.

Lost Password

To get a temporary password if you’ve lost your password, please contact office manager to reset:

  1. After logging into the system navigate to the USERs main tab.
  • The system will display a list of all users. Select the user to access the account.


  1. Once you accessed the account, click the edit button.
  2. Click on reset password to send a temporary password to the users assigned email address.


Change Password

To change your password on your iSync® user account:

  1. Once logged into the system click on user drop down menu located on the top right side of the top tool bar.
  2. Click on “CHANGE PASSWORD.”
  3. The system will prompt you to input the current password, new password and confirm new password.
  4. Click Submit. The System will now prompt you to log in with your new credentials.


Sign out and Locking iSync®

To Sign out of the iSync® System:

  1. Click on the User Account / Practice Administration area at the upper right of the screen.
  2. A dropdown menu will be displayed, click on Sign-out.
  3. Once your sign-out is complete the system will return you to the log on screen.   Signing out closes any work you have in progress in the system, prompting you to save if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Alternately, you can lock the iSync® system by clicking the image of the lock.  Locking the system leaves all the work you have in progress open, to continue working later once the system is unlocked.
  5. When the screen is locked, a sign in page is displayed that allows you to unlock the system.  Enter the password you used to Sign in to the system and click the “Unlock Button” to continue working in iSync®.