ProAct’s iSync® System represents the future of people/patient management with state-of-the-art clinical protocols, process flows, and integrated patient care. It links all participants including patients, referring physicians, wellness programs, and service providers, including ProAct’s DME and Sleep Testing Divisions. It is designed to automate the entire patient management process, including Revenue Cycle Management from eligibility through claims processing, including disputed or rejected medical claims appeals processing.

Linking all Participants

The platform empowers providers and consumers to leverage information gathered from healthcare apps to better manage the disease, improving the outcomes and quality of care; and it enables any physician or dentist to care for 100% of their OSA patients….less than 10 clicks of the mouse, start to finish, in an integrated management system.

Virtual Delivery Infrastructure


Hospital-like Delivery System

The iSync® System is designed to:

  • Meet the complex day-to-day needs of the ProAct Health Network dentist to deliver medical care rendered in a dental office within medical insurance reimbursement parameters;
  • Meet the needs of the referring physician to easily screen and refer patients, while continuing to stay in the management loop during treatment; and
  • Link all participants to maximize the continuity of care and treatment outcomes.
Network and Referral Provider Portals

The system allows all providers to be fully in control of their patient’s care and eliminates the administrative hassle of effectively and efficiently managing the care of these patients. There are two types of provider portals to the iSync® System:

  •  Provider Health Network: This portal automates the complex day-to-day needs of the ProAct Health Network Dentist to deliver care rendered in a dental office within medical insurance reimbursement parameters. It enables the dentist to manage: 1) all aspects of patient flow through the continuum of care, 2) information flow between the practice, referral sources, ProAct service divisions, and patients; 3) long term patient compliance; and 4) data entry for reimbursement, which is totally managed by ProAct.

The iSync® System combined with ProAct’s other programs (DME, Home Sleep Testing, Specialist Diagnosis, and Provider Health Network Management, including payor contracting) enables the dental practice to operate a complete and integrated sleep management business within the dental practice.

  •  Referring Provider: This portal enables general or specialty providers to access a solution for their OSA patients, while continuing to stay in the management loop during treatment. Referring providers are interested in screening and referring their patients for care based on established protocols, tracking treatment progress, managing compliance, and intervening when necessary.

This portal provides referring entities complete screening, assessment and eScript capabilities, diagnostic reporting, CRM patient communication capabilities, and ongoing tracking screens. Most importantly, this portal is the referring physician’s link to all ProAct entities providing services to their patients as they progress through the continuum of care.

 There are multiple additional portals:

  • Suppliers, such as Dental Labs,
  • ProAct DME and Sleep Testing Divisions,
  • Patient portals or applications, and
  • Websites

How the System Works

The four most active action tabs (eSuperBills; eScripts; eCost Estimator, and eAuthorization) are set to the default protocols. The system also provides for easy processing of outlier patients (requiring services incremental to the standard protocol) automatically through the system.

circle-graphProAct’s continuum of care starts with broad based patient screening and assessment, which can be completed as part of any payor, employer, or provider based wellness program. A digitally scored Assessment is administered on our iSync® website or by a digital input device in the provider office or wellness center. Results are immediately posted to a tablet or to a portal on an existing computer for review with the patient.

Based on the results, an eScript for a Home Sleep Test can be issued from the portal. ProAct completes the HST and an independent Sleep Specialist completes the diagnosis and treatment recommendation using the iSync® portal. Results are posted to a participating provider portal where an eScript for treatment by an Oral Appliance or Positive Airway Pressure device (PAP) can be issued.

If the recommended treatment is a PAP, ProAct’s DME Division supplies the device and manages the patient to ensure compliance. If the treatment is an Oral Appliance, a ProAct Network dentist will complete the fitting.

A sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System keeps all parties focused on the solution and provides constant feedback and status reports to all parties, including the referring and treating provider, and the patient.

With the iSync® System, there is no software investment or equipment purchases beyond screening tools sufficient to screen the target population.

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