Prospective Prescribing Provider

Welcome to the Prescribing Provider Web Page. This page is for those providers interested in using the iSync® System for OSA screening, testing, and diagnostic reporting. We call this module iSync® Lite; and creating an account will give you free access to the following functionality for most major payors. Treatment of OSA is a must.

Access is free and we manage reimbursement

By creating a Practice Account, you can easily:

  • Screen your patients for OSA and complete an Assessment, as required by some payors, before authorization for a Home Sleep Test (HST);
  • eScript a Home Sleep Test (HST) (office based scheduling optional)
  • eScript Pulse Oximetry Test; and
  • Review HST diagnostic reports and treatment recommendations from a Certified Sleep Specialist.
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More about ProAct and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

ProAct is an integrated total solutions provider offering the full continuum of OSA care. Core to its mission is the proprietary, technology enabled, cloud based iSync® delivery platform that coordinates and focuses participating providers to more effectively and efficiently care for OSA patients.

ProAct’s mission is to identify and successfully treat the estimated 30 to 40 million undiagnosed OSA patients and to provide an alternative for the many that are not compliant with prior treatment efforts.

The iSync® System

ProAct brings a next generation disease management platform to this fragmented environment, managing the full continuum of OSA care in order to deliver a high value proposition to patients, medical providers, and payors.

The cloud-based iSync® platform creates a virtual delivery infrastructure linking ProAct’s Testing and Diagnosis, DME, and Dental Health Network Divisions with referring providers interested in a total solution for their OSA patients. Maximizing interdisciplinary communication, protocol driven care, with an outcomes orientation, the iSync® System enables any PCP or specialist to manage 100% of their OSA patients through the total continuum of care: screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing patient management.

A Virtual Delivery Infrastructure

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Made Possible by the iSync® System

Providers can use the iSync® System to efficiently and effectively manage their patients through all or part of ProAct’s continuum of OSA care:

  • All configurations of the iSync® System start with a convenient and efficient tool for screening patients and entering their data into a medical record. All providers can then eScript Home Sleep Tests and review an electronically posted diagnostic report and treatment recommendation issued by a Certified Sleep Specialist; and
  • Referring or Network providers can then eScript CPAP treatment from ProAct’s DME Division or Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) through the ProAct Dental Health Network. To maximize the continuity of care, they are able to continue monitoring their patient’s treatment progress and intervene if required.

The iSync® System: 1) allows all providers to be fully in control of their patients’ care; 2) eliminates the administrative hassle of effectively and efficiently managing OSA patients; and 3) links all participants to maximize the continuity of care and treatment outcomes.

There are several configurations designed for the specific needs of the participants in the care continuum:

  • Prescribing Physicians who wish to access the system to manage their patients through screening, Home Sleep Testing, and diagnosis;
  • Referring Physicians who want a protocol driven one stop solution for their OSA patients that allows them to stay in the management loop during treatment. They have access to easy screening, convenient eScripting Home Sleep Tests (HST), online access to diagnostic reports, treatment referral, and online tracking of treatment status, which allows them to manage compliance and intervene when necessary.
  • Health Network Dentists who wish to access the system to manage the complex day-to-day needs of delivering the entire continuum of OSA care, including Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) in a dental office within medical insurance reimbursement parameters. The system also manages: 1) information flow between the network dental practice, referral sources, ProAct service divisions, and patients; and 2) data entry for reimbursement.

Wellness Program Managers also have access to a module for screening and assessment only. See: iSync® System

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Untreated, OSA can be a Killer

Due to its clinically proven comorbidities, OSA is one of the most devastating diseases currently faced by the medical community. Only 15% of OSA patients have been diagnosed and treated; and of those, treatment has failed over 50% of the time due to noncompliance. Today, there are over 30 million undiagnosed OSA patients in need of care.

85% of those with OSA are Undiagnosed.


97% of the Current Treatments Fail Over 50% of the Time

The average incidence of OSA in adults is 15-20%, but in practices treating these comorbid diseases, the incidence is far greater.

If you are treating patients with one or more of these comorbidities, identifying those patients with OSA and arranging for the treatment of their OSA will dramatically improve their health and well-being and may also have a significant positive impact on the primary diagnosis outcome. See: Treatment is a Must.