ProAct’s mission is to identify and successfully treat undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients and to provide a treatment alternative for the many that are not compliant with prior treatment efforts.  Treatment of OSA is a must.

To accomplish this, we are going to challenge the paradigms that have resulted in an environment in which 85% of the patients with OSA are undiagnosed and untreated, and 97% of the current treatments fail to be tolerated over 50% of the time.

Challenge the Paradigms

Within a clinically supported best practice mode of diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing patient management sleep testing should change from 97% lab based to 95% home tested, and treatment should change from 97% CPAP to 70% Oral Appliance Therapy. This means that dental practices should provide 70-80% of the care. For the first time, you can participate in this this tremendous practice growth opportunity by joining ProAct’s Provider Health Network.

For an average demographic mix, approximately 70% of patients, who have mild to moderate (AHI of 5-29) OSA with no extenuating factors, can be treated with an Oral Appliance (OA), which is tolerated by over 90% of patients. OAs are fitted by one of our network dentists trained in oral appliance therapy.1,2,3

Dentists Should Provide 70-80% of OSA Treatment

Approximately 30%, who have severe OSA, will be treated with a Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) device; but the ProAct’s iSync® System closely monitors these patients for compliance. If the patient proves to be intolerant, they are referred to a network dentist to receive an Oral Appliance, rather than drop out of care.

Opportunity: 40% Potential Increase in Practice Revenues

This creates a tremendous opportunity for the dentists to expand the scope of their practice to include care for OSA patients. In the typical solo practice, this represents a minimum of a 30-40% increase revenues, but the challenges are formidable.

Virtually Insurmountable for the Dental Practice

The challenges are almost insurmountable for the dental practice working alone.

Dental Practices cannot:

  • Easily obtain a diagnosis without losing the patient to a sleep lab;
  • Offer a total solution, including treating those requiring initial treatment by CPAP; and
  • Easily deal with medical insurance companies for eligibility, pre-authorization, or claims processing due to limitations of their dental practice management systems and office personnel expertise.

Making matters worse, medical insurance companies will not contract with dentists, so, treatment is only reimbursed as an out-of-network benefit. This presents a significant problem for the dentist and the patient, because it:

  • Drives up the patient co-payment and deductible, reducing demand;
  • Drives up office administrative burden because it will require a pre-authorization, which will not be given if there is an in-network provider (i.e. an Oral Surgeon) close by; and
  •  Drives down the reimbursement rates.
ProAct has the Solution

By partnering ProAct and joining our Provider Health Network, you can establish a Sleep Care Business in your practice and immediately pursue the existing potential within your own patient base…without dependence on referrals.

  • 20-30% of your adult patients have OSA.
  •  >70% or more should be initially treated by you with a Oral Appliance.
  • Considering the 50% who will not tolerate CPAP, 85% should ultimately be treated by you.
The Solution

ProAct brings a next generation disease management platform to this fragmented environment, managing the full continuum of OSA care to deliver a high value proposition to patients, medical providers and payors. ProAct delivers the “full continuum” of care for OSA using the cloud-based iSync® System that creates a virtual delivery infrastructure linking all providers delivering services. The iSync® System maximizes interdisciplinary communication, protocol driven care, and outcomes orientation.

By linking ProAct’s Testing and Diagnosis Division, DME Division, and our Provider Health Network with providers interested in a total solution for their OSA patients, the system enables any Dentist, PCP, ENT, Bariatric physician, Cardiologist, or any other specialist to manage 100% of their OSA patients through the total continuum of care: screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing patient management.

A Virtual Delivery Infrastructure


The iSync® System represents the future of people/patient management with innovative clinical protocols, process flows, integrated patient care, and sophisticated and automated patient communications. The platform empowers providers and consumers to leverage information gathered from healthcare apps to better manage the disease, improving the outcomes and quality of care, while reducing costs.

Increased Demand from ProAct Marketing Programs

To successfully challenge the epidemic of undiagnosed OSA, ProAct’s Provider Health Network providers must screen the patients in their practice to identify those in need, as well as accept new OSA patients originating from ProAct’s marketing programs. The iSync® System starts with a convenient and effective tool for assessing patients and entering patient data into the medical record, the first step in the continuum of care.

Use of the iSync® System is Critical to Success

The iSync® System is designed to:

  • Meet the complex day-to-day needs of the ProAct’s Provider Health Network dentist to deliver care rendered in a dental office within medical insurance reimbursement parameters;
  • Meet the needs of the referring physician to easily screen and refer patients, while continuing to stay in the management loop during treatment; and
  • Link all participants to maximize the continuity of care and treatment outcomes.

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